Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Help Us Help Pets & People in Need

From time to time a pet is brought to us requiring urgent medical care; either a stray animal that someone found or a pet whose owner lacks the funds for treatment. This past August, we received a phone call from someone trying to find a veterinarian who would do surgery on her cat for an intestinal foreign body.

Unfortunately she had no funds to pay for the needed surgery and her regular veterinarian had declined to treat the cat without payment. Local animal welfare organizations were unable to provide her with financial assistance and other local vets had declined to help. After she contacted our hospital, we agreed to do surgery on the cat without payment. We removed electrical tape lodged in its
intestine, and the cat recovered well. The owner has agreed to repay our hospital, if able, in the future. 

Although this cat’s story ended happily, these days our hospital is seeing more sick or injured patients whose owners cannot afford treatment. To allow us to help more pets, we’ve decided to start a fund for cases like this to create more happy endings. Our fund is called the “Pets & People in Need Fund.” Join us in helping less fortunate area residents and their pets by contributing to this fund — together we can make a difference! We welcome contributions by check or over the phone on a credit card. We’ll keep you informed about those animals we’ve helped on our website and Facebook page.

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