Wednesday, January 20, 2016

5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy in Winter

Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy in Winter
Who said pets can’t have fun in the winter?! Although temps in the North can get pretty frigid in January, it’s still important for your pet to stay active and stimulated for their overall health. Consider Brookfield Animal Hospital’s list below of five ways to keep your pet happy in the winter, and give us a call at 203-775-3679 if you have any questions.

Play Hide and Seek

Everyone likes a game of hide and seek every once in a while, including your pet. Simply hide your pet’s favorite toy or treat in a place where they can see. Then, let them have fun retrieving it. For cats, you can try leaving the toy or treat high on the highest level of their tower so they have to climb up to get it.

Teach Your Pet a New Trick

Both dogs and cats can learn tricks, so why not use those winter hours indoors to teach your furry friend a new trick? Training your pet can strengthen your bond with them and improve their overall behavior, so it’s certainly worth the effort. Remember to always reward your pet for doing the trick, and limit the training sessions to about 15 minutes a day.

Buy an Interactive Toy

Many pets tend to get a little lazy, both physically and mentally, during the winter, but with an interactive toy, you can change that. From laser pointers to food toys, there are many options available that can provide some mental stimulation for your four-legged friend. They can also help your pet get some exercise in, too.

Take Your Dog to an Indoor Park

You know your dog needs exercise, but your home or apartment just isn’t spacious enough for them to run around. If this sounds like YOUR situation, consider visiting an indoor dog park. Indoor dog parks are climate-controlled and offer spacious areas for your canine companion to run around and play.

Install a Window Perch (for Kitty)

Since cats tend to lie around for most of the day, once they reach a certain age, installing a window perch is a great way to keep them busy and stimulated throughout the day. Many cats love to bird watch and watch the snow fall, so by having a padded perch installed on your window, you can keep your cat happy and alert during those cold winter days.