Monday, June 20, 2016

A day in the life of…a BAH Cat boarder

              It was a morning, like any other morning. I woke up, slinked down the hall and awaited my human to serve me breakfast. I couldn’t ignore the fact that something felt off.  I could feel it in my whiskers that day... Also, THE CARRIER was in the kitchen. I was going somewhere, and I probably wouldn’t like it.
I attempted a casual game of hide and go seek, emphasis on the hide part. I carefully sauntered towards the Livingroom, hoping to make my escape under the couch and out of reach of my human.  Just as I was home free, my human caught on to my master plan and lifted me up and into her arms. My human loaded me into THE CARRIER (I didn’t make it easy on her, don’t worry) and she carried me to the car, but not before commenting on my winter weight gain... a low blow.
I don’t know how long I spent in the car, it could have been minutes, and it could have been years. The car finally stopped and after a short walk, the front of THE CARRIER opened. I was greeted by a stranger. She sure seemed to be excited to meet me. My human was talking to the stranger, so I took it upon myself to leave THE CARRIER. We were in a nice room with photos of cats, and a big window. I hear words like “boarding” and “tlc package” being thrown around. Bath? No, you’re nuts. No bath for me. But a bedtime snack does sound good.
My human leaves, but this new human assured me I would be well taken care of and I was promised some “fun”. I was skeptical, but kept an open mind. I needed to meet with a doctor for a quick exam before settling in, so they put me in temporary accommodations and I have to say, they were quiet nice. I stayed on the second floor of the feline hotel and had use of a very large window, all to myself. I had my exam with the doctor, we had an open dialogue regarding my health and agreed that I’d chase more toys and ease up on the fancy feast.
After my appointment my new friend brought me downstairs and showed me my official room. We felines have our own wing of the hospital. It’s a quieter space, separated from the canines, that lends well to our more reserved nature and superior intellectual side. It has a large bird mural and a very well kept fish tank. Our rooms are spacious kitty condos for one. My happy new friend explained to me that my human sprung for the elite “tlc” package. I was quite relieved, I love being pampered. I settled into my room, explored each level, and decided that the second floor was my favorite as the south facing window looked in on the fish tank. My stay at hotel BAH was a flurry of excitement. My new human friend changed my cushy bedding twice a day, my meals were timely and she was always very attentive to my needs. Once a day, I was taken out of my room and was able to choose from a selection of toys and played to my heart’s content. Each afternoon I was offered some treats and that would entertain me until dinner time.
I almost couldn’t believe it when my new human friend took me out of my cozy room and tried to place me in THE CARRIER that brought me here. No! How could it be? We had gotten so close, shared so many memories. I seethed with anger until I heard a familiar voice. It was my human. As much fun as I had at hotel BAH, I was looking forward to getting back to my normal routine. Overall, I was quite pleased with the accommodations offered and if I have to be placed in THE CARRIER, I would be ok if I ended up back at hotel BAH!