Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How Safe is Your Pet this Season?

The veterinary team at Brookfield Animal Hospital wants to ensure that your best friend is safe all season long. There are many new dangers that pets may encounter around the holidays. We’re always here to answer your questions about your pet’s needs.

Top 5 Most Common Holiday Dangers for Pets

These are some of the most common dangers that we often see during the holiday season:

  •  Alcohol. While we can handle having a few drinks in celebration of the season, our pets cannot. It’s important to always keep alcoholic beverages out your of your pet’s reach to ensure that they’re safe from the danger of alcohol poisoning.

  • Christmas trees. It isn’t the holiday season without a festive tree! However, these lovely decorations can also cause a few hazards in the home. Christmas trees can be knocked over by overly adventurous and curious pets, causing damage to the home and injury to the animals! Another danger posed by Christmas trees is their ornaments and tinsel. If these are chewed up or eaten by your pet, they can be extremely dangerous to their digestive system, get caught in their intestines, and cause potentially deadly blockage.  

  • Electrical cords. Does your best friend like to chew? The sight of all those new cords under the tree may be too appealing for your pet, so we recommend disguising and hiding electrical cords to prevent your pet’s curiosity. It’s also important that they never be left unattended around the decorations!

  •  Holiday meals and sweets. You hear all year round that there are foods your pet should never consume, but during the holiday season we have so much more of those dangerous foods around the house! Traditional holiday meals contain so many of those dangers, like poultry bones, onions, garlic, grapes, and more. In addition, we often do a lot of baking during the holidays, introducing our pets to even more potential dangers with chocolate, sugar, macadamia nuts, raisins, and more. Keep those foods and treats out of your pet’s reach at all times!

  •  Dangerous holiday plants. For some odd reason, the most popular plants to bring inside the home at the holidays are toxic to your pet! Amaryllis and lilies of all kinds are dangerous and we recommend keeping them out of your pet’s reach at all times so that your pet doesn’t have access to the leaves or berries that may fall off. You may also want to consider purchasing silk flowers for the look of the festive plant without the dangers. 

If you have any questions about your pet’s safety and well-being this holiday season, the veterinary team at Brookfield Animal Hospital can help! Please contact us today to ask us all of your pet safety questions. That’s what we’re here for! Have a happy and safe holiday with your pet this year. 


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  3. I've never really thought about pets being in more danger around the holidays. I really like what you said about the plants that a lot of people like to display around the holidays. I personally didn't know that lilies were dangerous for pets. I'll definitely have to check out which of my plants could harm my dog. replacing those with silk flowers like you suggested could make things a lot safer for my dog to say the very least.

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